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Is RFID a fad or is it a real technology that can bring positive change to your library?

you take the plunge in dollars and people, talk to LAT for an unbiased assessment of your needs.

To deliver more
"bang for the RFID buck"
all of LAT's equipment has an RFID conversion station BUILT-IN and included at no charge.

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RFID - A Smart Approach

Real Solutions
LAT is a provider of solutions, not commodity equipment. LAT implements technology not for technology’s sake, but to deliver real solutions. That is why we do not force libraries to use us as the sole source of equipment, as many do. Instead, LAT fosters a relationship that allows libraries to get RFID equipment, such as tags, from anyone at the best value possible and still have LAT-Assurance that our equipment will work with it.

ISO Standard
LAT is committed to following all industry standards for the Library marketplace. The ISO standards for RFID tags is no exception. Standards protect the investments of Libraries, and promote competitive pricing for Libraries. That is why we stand behind our LAT-Assurance and guarantee that all of our equipment will work with any ISO-standard tags.

New Technologies
LAT protects the Library’s investment in our products by either integrating or providing upgrade paths to new technologies. YOUR INVESTMENT IS NEVER LOST

LAT believes it is the best interest of the Library to define a Return On Investment model for their total expenditure into RFID technology. The total cost of implementing and maintaining RFID technology demands such fiscal prudence.

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